Never Worry About Fleet Maintenance Again!

Have you ever thought about hiring your own mechanic or trying to set up the equipment to do your own repairs. Sometimes the costs to have the equipment and expertise can be daunting let alone record keeping and notifications for fleet leasing companies can be down right tricky. Road Res-Q has the solution for you; our fleet subscriptions will give you the peace of mind that your fleet is looked after from bumper to bumper!

This subscription is to support your fleet manager and dispatch will overall monitoring of your fleets operating condition while handling the most extensive of repairs or issues. We will monitor all alerts from fleet lease management companies while ensuring your fleet stays up and running and no vans are marked down. We will work tirelessly to keep your fleet up and running safely.

Check out our plan options, then call us at 833-737-3770 to get signed up for the Amazon DSP Fleet Maintenance Membership that’s right for you!

Our Fleet Maintenance Membership Plans

Good to Go We'll Handle It Never Think About It
Free Diagnostics X X X
Same Day PM Booking X X X
Online Request Portal X X X
10% Repair Discount X X X
Discounted Parts X X X
Free Tire Repair Kit X X X
Air Top-Offs X X X
Fluid Top-Offs X X X
Light Bulb Replacement X X X
HERA Maintenance Online Portal Management X X
Waived HAZMAT Disposal Fees X X
10% off Roadside Service & Towing X X
Dedicated Technician Hours X X
Discounted Tires X X
Yearly State/Emission Inspections X
Discounted Transport X
New Vehicle Inspections X
Monthly Interior/Exterior Wash X
Additional 10% Repair Discount X
Hybrid Recharge Early Access X
Free En Route Mileage X
$35/mo/van* $70/mo/van* $95/mo/van*
Good to Go - $35/mo/van*
Free Diagnostics
Same Day PM Booking
Online Request Portal
10% Repair Discount
Discounted Parts
Free Tire Repair Kit
Air Top-Offs
Fluid Top-Offs
Light Bulb Replacement
We'll Handle It - $70/mo/van*
Everything in the Good to Go Plan, plus…
HERA Maintenance Online Portal Management
Waived HAZMAT Disposal Fees
10% off Roadside Service & Towing
Dedicated Technician Hours
Discounted Tires
Never Think About It - $95/mo/van*
Everything in the Good to Go & We'll Handle It Plans, plus…
Yearly State/Emission Inspections
Discounted Transport
New Vehicle Inspections
Monthly Interior/Exterior Wash
Additional 10% Repair Discount
Hybrid Recharge Early Access
Free En Route Mileage

The smallest of things add up such as a tire repair kit typically costing $30 per puncture in the field or a $15 light bulb. Coolant and fluids easily can be $30 a bottle and large vehicle washes can start at $50 each. All of these would be included in the different membership tiers with the “Never Think About It” tier granting unlimited. While you still may pay for labor on certain things, the membership quickly will save you money and help create a fixed cost for maintenance of the entire fleet.

Just a single headlight bulb replacement can be $45 in labor and $15 for the part, your “Good to Go” membership would bring that down to $41 total. How about a flat tire on the road, with a 40 minute response time either we will stock a tire and have a new one ready to go right a way or we would repair it. You could be looking at $100 emergency labor and a $30 repair kit but with the We’ll Handle It membership, that would bring it down to $90 total, a $40 savings.

Call us at 833-737-3770 to get signed up for our Amazon DSP Fleet Maintenance Membership!

* Applies to Leased/Owned vans only. Does not apply to rentals.

Fleet Subscription Terms & Conditions –  Road Res-Q will be come your exclusive provider for all repairs, tires and emergency services. Our in house mobile mechanics will take care of all issues except for warranty and recalls. Starting in May weekday mornings, a dedicated service technician will station at your center to help with any on-demand repairs or services before launch. From our legendary customer service and work, we will house a wide range of parts in house so repairs are done quickly with vans having little if no downtime. We are already building a stock of common parts so you don’t have to try and keep spares laying around. From mirrors, light assemblies, hoses, reservoirs, tires, sensors and more, we want to have it ready for you.

Rates are based on leased or own vehicles in your fleet. Rental vehicles not included in fleet count for the monthly billed rate however can be still serviced under the plan. The idea is to help keep your fee stable while you adjust for the needs of the season.

-Free tire repair is for repairable tires only, not for spare tire or new tire installations. Each account can get 30 repairs under this term a month. Afterwards normal rate applies but discounts can cover costs.

-Free fluid top off per van once a month (coolant, window washer fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, oil, transmission oil, blinker fluid)

-Free light bulbs up to 60 bulbs a month including bulbs for headlights, tail lights, turn signals, marker lights and interior dome. Does not include LED bulbs.

-1 hour of free diagnostics per repair. Then back to normal labor rate with applied discounts.

-Same day PM service booking with minimum of 2 vans for the booking. Single vans will be grouped when a technician is scheduled at location. All same day requests must be made by 6pm of the day otherwise rolled over to following day. Weather conditions such as heavy rain, storms, and snow may force a delay in service to following clear day.

-All emergency services should be entered through the custom online portal for logging purposes. Online portal for requests will be sent out with membership if you currently don’t have one assigned.

-All discounts are on both retail labor rate and parts. Previously given rates will be voided and new rates will be based off tier of discounts. Once signed up rates will be locked in for 1 year from sign up date. a 30 day notice will be given of all rate increases.

-Fleet monitoring will include Leaseplan and Element log-ins to allow for direct monitoring of down vehicle alerts. If you use Hera we will give you an email to add to log in list and upload and manage fleet status from there. A $10 credit will be applied to your account for repairs monthly for the log in. If you use a different system please let us know and we will see what we can do.

-Repair monitoring will be through our online shop portal so you can check status of repairs and request repairs from there plus see all past repairs and documents.

-Hazmat fees waived are (tire disposal fees <$4 a tire>, oil disposal fee <$2 per 6qts> coolant disposal <$2 a gallon> and so on. State required disposal fee of R134 Freon not applicable.

-Onsite service techs will be available starting in May of 2022 for Fredericksburg, Springfield, Manassas, and Beltsville. Additional locations will be available September of 2022. If your fleet moves to a location we will work with you to provide coverage within 30 days of your onsite start date. At technician is guaranteed on site minimum 3 days out of the week but planned to be every weekday. Weekends a technical will be zoned near by and available by request. Onsite technician hours will be from 7am to 10am for emergency services. Emergency services per request are still available 24 hours a day.

-Access to discounted tire accounts such as Michelin and General Tire among other brands. (Discount rate depends on brand)

-Free yearly state and emissions inspections will be covered one per van. If van fails, we will service accordingly and take back in time for renewal. All documents will be scanned into repair system for logs and provided to you for registration renewals.

-Free enroute to service mileage up to 50 miles from RRQ headquarters. (typically $2.50 per mile.)

-Discounted van transfer and transport services to and from local repair centers and dealerships. Discounted trip mileage if over 10 miles. 15% discount through our tow partners on total bill. Emergency towing different rate.

-Free check-in inspection service for any new leased or purchased vans. Inspection includes multi-point inspection with report provided afterwards of status.

-10% off towing and roadside services is for emergency services such as winch outs, recoveries, tire changes, lockouts, jumpstarts and fuel delivery services. Towing discount is provided by an approved tow partner and will be a 10% credit of bill to account for future use.

-Early access to hybrid recharge and emergency services for the future electric Amazon vans. (Retail rates for emergency recharge for an electric van can be $250-$400. Tows can be $350-$500 due to technical and equipment requirements). Early access of recharge packs and charging equipment along with repair parts and batteries.

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Roadside Assistance in Alexandria VA
About Road Res-Q Roadside Assistance

At Road Res-Q we understand breakdowns happen at the worst times of the day. When you have someplace to be and get into a situation beyond your control, we should be the first ones you call to provide you with the proper and safe service to get you on your way.

Our fully stocked trucks carry all the tools to really get you back on the road instead of needing a tow or calling for another company to help.  We are able to handle all light vehicles, exotic, luxury, hybrids, light and medium duty dual wheeled trucks, trailers, and more.

Road Res-Q currently provides roadside assistance services to Alexandria, Annandale, Springfield, Arlington, Falls Church, and Fairfax. We also provide services to parts of Southern Maryland and Washington DC. If you are stuck on the highway or parkway we can Res-Q you there too!

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Road Res-Q Customer Reviews

These reviews were left by customers who were stranded on the road, just like you, and called on us for Res-Q!

Ryan Sisolak
September 12, 2022

unbelievably good services and ever better people. Will absolutely use again and would recommend to family. Want to mention "Jason M" did a great job and should be commended. Thanks again to Road Res-Q!

Audrey Renee Brown
August 29, 2022

I have requested services from this Company twice and was not disappointed. This morning Jason (who was extremely personable) arrived 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. When he called me he was already at my house. He not only explained the procedure step-by-step, he showed me what he was doing. He also showed me how to properly start my car, and what signs would appear on my dash and how my specific car will act when there is trouble with the battery/alternator. Both times the guys were prompt with professional service. I definitely recommend this company - their prices are reasonable - I will not hesitate to call them for any future roadside assistance. Thanks Road Res-Q

Sophia Guo
August 11, 2022

Frank has been helping me for a year and a half now and I have enjoyed his services. I continue to go back to him because he's very professional and informative. Thank you for all that you do!